Sun - July 18, 2004

Best and Worst Days

Just thinking while watching the movie "City Slickers".

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Wed - June 30, 2004

Remember Family

Don't forget to pay attention to your family.

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Mon - June 21, 2004

Kids and Flying

Allowing families to preboard just makes sense.

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Wed - June 16, 2004

Walk to Lunch for Exercise!

Does it count if I'm walking to get a huge chocolate shake?

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Tue - June 15, 2004

Car Repairs

Ah, the mental and financial agony of car repairs.

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Sat - June 5, 2004

Walking Results

So, have I been getting exercise just by walking at work and home?

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Mon - May 24, 2004

Fun With Immunizations

Whew... I had forgotten that look and that cry!

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Sat - May 22, 2004

Extreme Weather

Be prepared if you live in an area where there are tornados or other extreme weather.

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Wed - May 19, 2004

D'uh, Dad!

Outta' the mouths of yunguns...

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Fri - May 14, 2004

Ah... gimme' more smiles!

Our youngest is almost 2 months old and she's really starting to smile.

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I just don't get some things.

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Sun - May 9, 2004

Happy Mothers' Day!

Thoughts on this year's Mothers' Day.

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Wed - May 5, 2004

Explain to me again how to spell "team"?

You can't win them all!

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Mon - May 3, 2004


Whew. I don't have to feed her every few hours and I'm bushed.

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