I just don't get some things.

I'm not known as the politest person around but even I'm not so stupid and rude. Well, I have told people to shut-up at the movies which is really stupid these days.

We're renting a house until we can buy one. Once things calm down a little we'll start looking around. We're in a new area and I just assumed things would be quiet but I guess I'm spoiled. The area we lived in prior to moving here was filled with a much older population and things were generally very quiet.

Not here, however. We live in a duplex and fortunately the people who live in the other half are about as quiet as one could expect since they have kids. I'm not beefin' about the kids since running, jumping, and other noises like that are just something to deal with.

I'm talking about people standing on the porch at 2am talking when our bedroom window is almost right above them. Uh. Clue. I had to ask them to keep their voices down and they didn't even know they were being loud.

I'm talking about the kids next door who have the occasional party and don't bother to ask the people they have over to be quiet when they are outside after midnight. About a month ago I went out when a couple of idiots were having a "normal" conversation in our driveway around 2am. They also didn't know they were being loud.

I remember one woman who was yelling down the street very early in the morning.

I don't get it. I realize I'm pretty boring and I don't have parties anymore and I don't have people over at all hours of the night. But is it so hard for people simply to use some common sense and consider their neighbors late at night?


Posted: Fri - May 14, 2004 at 03:14 AM