Fun With Immunizations

Whew... I had forgotten that look and that cry!

Our youngest just received her first series of immunization shots this morning. I like to be there especially for the shots to share the responsibility with my wife. I had completely forgotten that look and the resulting cry once the shots began. Man, was she screamin'! She got over it pretty quickly but it's a sight to watch an infant react to the sudden pain of getting a needle. Yikes.

Some parents get really bothered by it but we don't usually. OK, we're not happy that it hurts her. But, it's for her own good and we make sure to give her pain medication to help with the sensation. We also make sure to let the nurse know we appreciate what she's doing for our child. A little pain now to help prevent a number of terrible illnesses.

Someday I'll post about thimerosal and vaccinations but not until I have a huge number of sources ready as to why I have no problem giving my child vaccinations.

Posted: Mon - May 24, 2004 at 05:50 PM