Best and Worst Days

Just thinking while watching the movie "City Slickers".

We're watching the movie "City Slickers" and the characters start talking about their best and worst days (can't include the birth of your kids).

Mine both occurred on the same day. While Cathy was pregnant with our first child, she started bleeding heavily in the middle of the night. I was stunned pretty useless until she told me to call 911. I still remember the conversation with the dispatcher. It was awful. Here we were staring at the likely loss of our child.

The paramedics came out and while they weren't sure (the blood and tissue loss happened earlier and we didn't think to save it for verification), they believed it was a miscarriage. We drove to the hospital in shock and I remember sitting with Cathy before they did an ultrasound. We were crying and decided that we would just have to try again. I still couldn't believe it was happening.

And then something incredible happened on the ultrasound. I remember watching while the doctor searched and found a heartbeat. It was all I could do to wait to hear what he said. Just as I was starting to hope, I looked at the location and thought another dreaded word- "ectopic". The doctor could see a sac next to the heartbeat and the best he could determine was that Cathy did have twins but one of them was spontaneously aborted by the body for some reason. He thought it might be ectopic so we had to go to another room so they could use a more powerful ultrasound machine to determine where the fetus was attached.

It took a lot of time early that morning but we eventually learned that the fetus was ok and in a good spot even if it wasn't in the best location. Everything worked out well.

And thus my worst day was also my best day.

Sun - July 18, 2004 at 03:03 PM