Extreme Weather

Be prepared if you live in an area where there are tornados or other extreme weather.

We have a number of tornado warnings going on here and nearby in Lancaster county, NE. I've been meaning to do a number of things but I've been putting them off.

Well, tomorrow I'm going to get an emergency weather radio that will activate when an emergency signal is broadcast. We watch so many things that we've taped or that are on DVD and the problem is that if you watch television, they can interrupt with a warning but not if you are watching a tape or DVD. Yes, we have sirens but I'd like a little more notice than "get your butt into the basement NOW!"

We do have a radio in the basement so that's not a problem. But I also need to get a plastic trashcan to hold bottled water, blankets, snacks, flashlight, batteries, etc. where we would need them if we have a truck on down to the basement.

Oh, and if you ever have to evacuate to the basement in the middle of the night, don't forget to stop and grab a pair of shoes. If some disastrous happens, you'll need something on your feet. Sounds silly but the you don't want to worry about bare feet if there's a lot of glass and/or other debris around.

Boy Scout motto- "be prepared." It's a good one.

Posted: Sat - May 22, 2004 at 10:01 PM