Explain to me again how to spell "team"?

You can't win them all!

Early this morning it was time to feed the baby. We had had a good night in that Cathy and I got 2-3 hours of sleep at a shot between feedings and the baby wasn't fussy between times. We generally divide the workload at night between both of us. I tend to get up and change her diaper and then I hand her off to Cathy to feed her. Since she's being breast-fed, I'm not equipped to do much on the feeding end! I change the diapers at night to keep Cathy from having to do everything.

Early this morning I didn't feel like changing her diaper. If you give me a few hours I'm sure I can come up with some lame-ass excuse.

We're sitting on the bed making goo-goo eyes and noises at the baby when she really starts fussing. This is the conversation-

Cathy (as the baby whines)- "Uh... well?"
Alan (innocently)- "Well what?"
Cathy- "Aren't you going to change her diaper so I can feed her?"
Alan- "No. I don't want to." (hey, at least I'm honest and not making an excuse)
Cathy- "Excuse me? You can't do that. We're a team. At night, you change her and I feed her. That's the way it works!"
Alan- "Hmm. To my knowledge, there's no "I" in "team". Therefore, "I" don't want to change her."
Cathy (after smirking and then giving me a piercing stare)- "I don't think so. Go change her."

When I played sports in high school, I was taught that there was no "I" in "team". I even learned that in English class. Looks like everyone was wrong. There really is an "I" in "team"!

Now where do I stick it? <smirk>

Posted: Wed - May 5, 2004 at 03:47 PM