Walk to Lunch for Exercise!

Does it count if I'm walking to get a huge chocolate shake?

I do walk a lot in my job since I pace a lot while lecturing. I get about two miles when I teach for two hours if you also include other, normal, daily stuff. This means no additional walking other than job-related.

When I took a walk one day to bring lunch back from Subway, it added 800 steps (400 each way). The walking took no time at all. I clocked it between five and ten minutes for each way. That along with my normal pacing took me up to 5000 steps which is approximately half of what's recommended.

I don't think it'll be a problem to get up to 10,000 steps. I think I'll set aside about 30 minutes each day just to walk around and check things out. Exercise and fun... oh, what will I think of next?

Posted: Wed - June 16, 2004 at 11:40 PM