Walking Results

So, have I been getting exercise just by walking at work and home?

Ah, I wish. I've been keeping the pedometer on for a little over a week and here's the results of the steps-

Thu- 3600
Fri- 920
Sat- 3275
Sun- 3325
Mon- 1920
Tue- 4280
Wed- 3140
Thu- 2060
Fri- 4035

Fri-Mon was a four-day holiday and you can see which day I did close to nothing. I was up walking with the youngest on the weekend and that shows up. I had thought that I was getting some exercise at work, but it takes (on average) about 2000 steps to equal one mile and the recommendation is 10000 steps a day (or five miles) before you can really call it exercise. It looks like I'll have to get out and do some walking during my lunch time and see what I can get the count up to.

Posted: Sat - June 5, 2004 at 03:18 PM