Remember Family

Don't forget to pay attention to your family.

My wife's grandfather died a few days ago at 98 years of age. Or, years of youth. We were going to drive out to see him next week and show him his latest great-granddaughter (I think he now has something like 8 great-grandkids) and we're sad that he won't get to meet her.

He was awesome at pool. When we lived in Ohio we would drive up a few times a year to see him and my wife's uncle. We would play pool and he would usually beat us. I know geometry but I can't play pool. This guy was in his late 80's/early 90's and he was kickin' our butts at pool. We would win but I think he did that on purpose just to keep us playing. Like that would have stopped us.

This will be a busy week since we are also going to scatter my mom's ashes this weekend. We were going to do this first (it's also a family reunion for my side of the family) and then drive to Ohio but now we have to switch things. Which means a 12 hour drive to Ohio to get there on Thursday (the service is on Friday) followed by a 9 hour drive to Iowa that Friday (my mom's service is on Saturday).


Again, don't forget your family. Make up if you're fighting. They won't be around forever and you just might miss them.

Posted: Wed - June 30, 2004 at 01:16 AM