Enough with the Virus Warnings!


The bad thing about having my chemistry webpage and having taught a number of years is that I'm in a lot of address books and, because of my web pages, my email address ends up in a number of temporary cache files on people's harddrives. These damn viruses cull addresses out of these places and my address gets tacked on as the "from" address for infected people.

The problem is all the mail servers out there that are configured to send a warning back to the people who sent out infected email.

These are forged headers! Turn off the bloody notifications. It ain't me! I'm protected at work on my WIndows computer and I do most of my work on my Macs which aren't affected by these specific viruses.

It ain't me! Leave me alone!

Hmm. I feel a little better. Thanks for listening. :)

Posted: Wed - May 19, 2004 at 10:01 AM