Airport Express

I just realized a reason to buy this upcoming product!

Apple recently announced a new product called Airport Express. This nifty product can be used as a WiFi repeater to extend your wireless network and it can be used to stream music from iTunes into another room (plug in a set of speakers) and you can plug in a USB printer.


But not real practical for me. I'd love to be able to stream music but why? We don't have the music on all the time and until Apple announces some way of controlling iTunes remotely, I'd have to run upstairs to change the playlist if I'm listening to music downstairs. Nuh-uh. Oh, and I do thing Apple will come up with a remote control since when Jobs was asked about it, he got all coy about it.

The printer part would be nice since I could have a printer upstairs and downstairs. But, other than convenience (I do part of my work downstairs and I have to go upstairs to get printouts... eh, I need the exercise!), I have yet to find a printer that is really Airport compatible. We have a Canon i850 which is great but when connected to our wireless network, I don't have access to the printer utility which allows me to check on ink level and do other things. So this part is out.

And then I remembered. We would play music for our oldest daughter to help her go to sleep. Our favorite was Nicollette Larson, Sleep, Baby, Sleep. It's a wonderful CD and we made a tape to play in her tape player since we didn't have a little CD player for her. The problem was that when the tape player shut off, it would do it with a BANG and sometimes wake her up. While we could put our portable CD player in the baby's room, I'd rather stream it through iTunes. This would give us much more control over what was played and for how long.

And it's a legitimate reason to get a new gadget!


Posted: Mon - June 14, 2004 at 09:45 AM