Fight Scenes in Movies

Why do some directors do "quick cuts" when filming fight scenes?

I'm watching "Matrix Reloaded" again and I like the fight scenes. A good fight scene for me involves not just good choreography but good camera angles. This movie had a number of martial arts-inspired fights and we get a chance to actually see them. I like camera shots that are more than a second long. I want a chance to look at the scene and take in the action.

For a bad example of this take "Batman Forever" directed by Joel Schumacher. His fight scenes take quite a few quick cuts assembled into fights which give me a headache. It's unfortunate because the movie is otherwise entertaining. I have no clue what he was thinking and why he thought he may have done a good job with it. Blech.

I want to watch the scene unfold. I want to be able to watch movements develop and then watch as they are delivered. I want to watch the action around the person. I don't want my head whipped around in different directions just to figure out what's happening.

Posted: Fri - May 28, 2004 at 10:52 PM