FarScape DVD's-Introduction

If I didn't really like this show I'd have a difficult time justifying the price for the DVD's. Good thing I really like the show!

I didn't get into FarScape until the fall of 2003. We were living in Columbus, OH, when the show premiered (1999?) and our cable package didn't include the SciFi channel. I had heard about the show and was interested but that was about it.

When we moved to Poplar Bluff, MO I was really busy with the new job as a full-time instructor and we had a baby on the way so I wasn't willing to put the effort in to make sure I followed it and watched it. In the Fall of 2003 the SciFI channel started running the show six days a week and I started taping it.

I watched through the first few episodes of season three but the job and other things, like looking for a new job, was more important and I started falling behind until I was about ten episodes behind on tape. I decided to give up at that point. SciFi then went to only one airing a week in season four and I hadn't seen most of season three.

Now, SciFi runs about two episodes a week but they don't seem to really care about the order they show them. Which is really stupid since they plan on showing the miniseries later this year. They started over with the premiere in March and butchered the order. I had them plugged into an iCal calendar and noticed what I thought was a mistake on their part (think columns instead of rows for the episode viewing order) but SciFi never bothered to get back to me. They proceeded to rerun a portion of the first season in April!

So, I gave up on SciFi and decided to start buying the DVD's. Woof! These puppies cost twice what other series cost. A typical season of Buffy costs about $48US retail while the first two seasons of FarScape each costs about $100US. The company will probably argue net returns since the seasons of Buffy will return more at the lower price since they'll sell better.

I'm not happy about the price but I'm not sorry I bought them. There are some audio problems in the second season and the first set of the third season, 3.1, has some serious captioning problems but overall it's great watching them at my leisure. Over time I'll write more about the DVD's.

Posted: Mon - May 3, 2004 at 10:54 PM