McDonald's Adult Happy Meal

So where's the fries? What the heck is so happy about that?

McDonald's has a new Happy Meal for adults. First, I think it's stupid that some idiot would blame his weight problem on eating at McDonald's. D'uh. C'mon. What's worse is that he then decides to sue them. But, some good has come out of it and McDonald's seems to be paying more attention to just how healthy their food really is.

Yeah, I know. They'll argue that the two aren't connected. Fine. Feel free to espouse whatever belief you want but all I know is that the timing sure is "coincidental".

Their adult Happy Meal is one of their salads, a bottle of water (you can sub in a different drink), a pedometer, and some info about walking to get exercise. I got it mainly to get the pedometer. I haven't exercised in years but I do a lot of walking. This will let me see if I am walking enough in my job to call it exercise. The booklet that comes with the meal is nice and informative and the pedometer is a nice piece of work. I am going to keep track of my steps over the next couple of weeks.

I'm still not happy that I wasn't asked if I wanted fries with my adult Happy Meal...

Posted: Wed - May 26, 2004 at 11:19 PM