And why don't you recycle?

I'm amazed when I see people who don't recycle. I'm not talking about "hardcore" as in a mulch pit for vegetable matter. I'm just talking about aluminum cans, glass, plastic, and cardboard.

Some people are required to. My in-laws in San Diego have large bins. One bin gets lawn clippings and similar matter. The other gets the rest that I listed above. Other people have to separate materials into different, smaller bins. We don't have mandatory recycling where we live in Lincoln but it's not that big of a deal.

I bought some bins and we separate out the different types (plastic, cans, etc.) as the week goes. Then, every week or so I drive a few minutes to the nearest public recycling place and drop everything off. It takes very little of our time and we eliminate at least one large bag of garbage each week. Don't think of the weekly benefit but the lifetime benefit. And then think if every family did it.

The place I used to work didn't do recycling because they weren't willing to put the time in. They do some recycling now because one of the faculty accidentally embarrassed them into doing it. It got out why they weren't doing it (short-sighted and didn't give a damn) and so they started doing it. Well, they gave a different reason...

So, instead of whining about it. Just shut up and do it. :)

Posted: Sat - August 14, 2004 at 04:22 PM