"Man Cannot Play God"

Be fruitful and multiply. And don't forget to have babies born with cocaine in their systems.

An article in the Lincoln Journal Star on Sunday, May 16, 2004, p11A, has a story that made me think "excuse me... clue on aisle 17?!"

A couple had their fourth baby put into foster care so this one could be cared for along with three others. The judge then ordered the couple not to have any more babies until they can prove they can take care of their existing children. If they do they risk being in contempt of court and possible jail time. I am uncomfortable with the ruling because I tend to look at these things to their extreme limit. It seems to be common sense. After all, if a couple can't take care of their children, why should they have them?

Who gets to decide when someone can't take care of their children? What's the cutoff? In what situations could something like this ruling be carried out? Think about what happens to many rules that start with good intentions. People seem to have a way of perverting them.

No. That's not what I'm commenting about. My comment is about what the dad says. The three youngest children (not including the one just born, I believe) tested positive for cocaine at birth. The father is a cocaine addict himself. Here is a couple who have subjected babies to something they had no control over. And he describes the judgment as "demeaning". Ah. Here's more-

"I can't abide by something like this... I know for a fact that God said 'be fruitful and multiply.' This is telling me I have to be celibate. Man cannot play God."

What the f ?

Didn't they "play God" when they subjected unborn children to cocaine? What about their inability to take care of children they decided to have? Aren't these important judgments they made on their children?

Posted: Mon - May 17, 2004 at 12:35 AM